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FAQ & other info for shooters

Q: Do you offer .Mil, Fire Fighter and LEO discounts?
A: Yes, you must register with the website then email us a copy of your credentials.
Note: Discounts are not given on AR15 Performance products.
Q: Do you process local firearm transfers?
A: Unless the firearm is bought from us, we don't do transfers at this time. Please contact Jeremy Peele in Laurinburg at 910 610 9388 or Mid South Guns in Wagram at 910 369 2370. If you are looking for AR15 parts, please email.
Q:Do you have a walk in store?
A: Not at this time, we are online only.
Q: I want to build a AR15 for hunting, what do you recommend?
A: There are several calibers out there that really allow the AR15 to shine. While .223/5.56 is great for SHTF, it lacks the power for deer sized game. We have been shooting the 6.8X43(6.8SPC) since 2007, we feel there isn't another caliber out there that is supported as much or has the power of a 6.8. A 110gr bullet going 2700FPS out of a 16" barrel will take care of any game here in NC. If you can't find 6.8 ammo or componets, please contact us.
Q: I want to stretch my rilfe out and try long range shooting, where do I go in NC?
A: Contact Dave Branson at to see when the next comp is at Woody's Farm in New Hill, NC. Woody's also offers a member only rifle range. is another option.
Q: I would like to take a NC concealed handgun permit course in Scotland and surrounding counties, where do I go?
A: Contact Ted Molek at J-Rat Defense Lab, 910-691-4247 or Chris Smith at 910-610-3851
Q: Where do you sell/ship items to?
A: We only sell and ship items to the 50 US States. No shipping to Guam or Puerto Rico.
We take these credit cards: MC, Visa and Discover. NO American Express. Other methods of payment are a personal check(with all your info) or a money order. If you choose this method, payment will clear for up to 7 business days before items are shipped. If you are buying a firearm, we know firearms only go to FFLs, use your addy for those also and leave your dealer's info in the comments area.
Shipping: Some packages may be cheaper to ship through USPS vs. UPS and vice versa. We are working on the UPS options and your package may get shipped using UPS even though you checked out with USPS. All ammo will go through UPS.
*READ THIS if you have placed a order and it was not processed or you have questions about the charges on your card: The gateway which processes credit cards through the website has numerous security features to prevent credit card fraud. Many times orders are not processed because the billing address entered in our system does not match the billing address on file with the credit card company, however there are other security measures that it monitors before deciding if the order can be processed. When an order is placed on our website, regardless of whether the order succeeds or fails, the issuing credit card company places an authorization, or hold on the credit card for the dollar amount of the order. This is done by the credit card company to ensure that the card is not overcharged beyond the credit limit before the charges are processed. Charges to the card are not completed instantly but instead have to be approved by Stutts Tactical Supply before the credit card company actually processes it and makes a charge to the card. Failed orders cannot be approved on our system, therefore they are not actually charged. The authorization, or hold, on the card is done by the credit card company, not Stutts Tactical Supply. We have no way of removing the authorization, only the issuing credit card company can do this. If the charge is not approved the authorization will drop off of the card automatically however the time frame varies with each different credit card company. Remember that each time an order is placed, even if it fails to be processed, it will result in an authorization being placed on the card for the dollar amount of the order. Placing numerous orders that fail to be processed can result in the credit card limit being reached, at which time you will not be able to place a successful order because of insufficient funds on the card.
Stop if you see the message, ?Order not processed? If possible figure out what info you entered wrong to cause the decline. THIS WILL HELP AVOID NUMEROUS AUTHORIZATIONS ON THE CREDIT CARD, WHICH COULD POTENTIALLY RESULT IN THE CARD TEMPORARILY HAVING INSUFFICIENT FUNDS DUE TO MULTIPLE AUTHORIZATIONS ON THE CARD. IF THIS HAPPENS YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SUCCESSFULLY USE THE CARD FOR ANY PURCHASES UNTIL THESE AUTHORIZATIONS ARE REMOVED. Stutts Tactical Supply cant remove these authorizations, only the issuing credit card company can. You will have to call the card issuer to have these removed.
Be sure to enter your billing and shipping info correctly, if you are getting a error during checkout, entering the wrong or not completed address is usually the problem.

STS takes pride in getting out your order quick and as cheap as possible. We don't mark up shipping costs or charge crazy shipping prices. If you feel the site may have gave you the wrong shipping quote, let us know. Due to many ITAR requlations with our products, we only ship inside the 50 states of USA.

Firearms, Magazines and Ammo-Read before ordering, STS doesn't ship certain items to ban states, orders placed for these items in ban states will be cancelled! Your credit card refund could be up to 10% LESS the total price to cover funds lost by an attempted transaction. 
LEO and Gov entities in these states have no exceptions, while we thank you for your service, it is not fair to the law abiding civilians.
While I understand these laws may suck for some of ya'll, they are laws that I don't care to break. I will make it cut and dry:
Certain firearms may not ship to these states listed but not limited to:
CA, CT, HI, AK, MD, MA, NY, NJ, Wash DC and certain parts of IL.
Check with your local FFL if you are not sure if a certain firearm is legal to own in your area.
California, STS won't sell or ship any mags over 10 rnds capacity to customers in California.
Colorado, STS won't sell or ship any mags over 10 rnds capacity to customers in Colorado.
Connecticut, STS won't sell or ship any mags over 10 rounds to customers in Connecticut
Hawaii, STS won't sell or ship any mags over 10rnds capacity to customers in Hawaii.
Illinois, STS won't sell or ship any mags over 10rnds capacity to customers in Aurora, Chicago, Franklin Park, Oak Park or Riverdale, Illinois.
Maryland, STS won't sell or ship any mags over 10rnds capacity to customers in Maryland.
Massachusetts, STS won't sell or ship any mags over 10 rnds to customers in Massachusetts.
New Jersey, STS won't sell or ship any mags over 15 rnds to customers in New Jersey.
New York, STS won't sell or ship any mags over 10 rnds to customers in New York.
Ohio, please read as this state has several crazy mag laws.
Cincinnati, handguns max: 15, rifles max: 10, shotguns max: 5
Cleveland, max all: 20
Dayton, handguns max: 20, rifles max: 10, shotguns max: 6
Dunlin, max all: 10
Shaker Heights: max all: 10
Toledo: max all: 10
NO returns on ammo!
Federal Law requires that you must be at least 18 years old to buy shotgun ammo and 21 years old or older to buy handgun and rifle ammo. All ammo ships through UPS with a adult sig required!
Ammo may not ship to these states listed but not limited to, check your local laws:
Illinois, we must have your FOID card on file
Chicago, IL, no ammo w/o FFL
Cook County,  IL, no ammo w/o FFL
Los Angeles, CA, no ammo w/o FFL
Massachusetts, no ammo w/o FFL
New York and NYC, NO AMMO
Oakland, CA, NO AMMO
San Francisco/Sacramento, CA, No ammo w/o FFL
Washington, DC, NO AMMO
Connecticut, NO AMMO
APO and FPO addys and PO Boxes, NO AMMO